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Five-Thousand Year List Empty Five-Thousand Year List

Post by Jedi_Will on Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:14 am

My vision for planet's future runs up to about 5000 years.  I'm not saying it's the end; I'm saying my vision runs about 5000 years in advance.  Here are my top visions within the next 5000 years:

  • Human potential is increased as the leaders form bonds of societal protective standards

    • Nationalities become infused with genetic marketry lasting for  a few decades and repeating itself

    • Racism continues to exist based upon what can be afforded with genetic crossovers

    • A form of currency to be developed that creates all mineral standards obsolete.

    • New and peculiar diseases bring rise to micro-robotics to fight the antibiotic reversal

    • Travel becomes instantaneous toward the end

    • There will be a time of escape from this globe, but the hope is ended abruptly... A few more tries

    • There will be a few dramatic continental shifts in the sense of pollution infused makeovers

    • Politics becomes increasing refused by a large following of young asserts.

    • Entertainment becomes more interactive

    • Humans will consume themselves in a great heat, but outlast most parts.  This in turn provides a back-track to living standards

    • More animals become extinct.

    • A new species evolves never before seen

    • We have confirmed encounter with another world

That's all for now.  There is more, but I will talk later on these things.


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